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Ultimate Diving Tracker

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Enhance your diving experience with the Ultimate Diving Tracker. From recording dive details to tracking certifications and expenses, this comprehensive Notion template allows you to streamline your diving activities.

What’s inside:

  • Dive Log: Record and organize dive details like location, duration, depth, temperature, and equipment used.
  • Safety Stop Timers: Stay safe during ascents with recommended stop durations based on depths.
  • Emergency Procedures Tracker: Refer to quick guides for common dive-related symptoms and buddy assistance.
  • Medical Information: Track conditions, allergies, and dive medical exams to meet diving requirements.
  • Dive Site Information: Access crucial details for choosing dive spots, including location, currents, and hazards.
  • Dive Event Calendar: Stay updated on dive events, exhibitions, and competitions to connect with the diving community.
  • Buddy Information: Maintain a list of dive buddies' contact and experience details for easy coordination.
  • Dive Training Log: Track progress, certifications, and specialties to record growth as a diver.
  • Dive Expenses Tracker: Keep records of dive-related expenses for budgeting and future planning.
  • and more

Streamline your diving activities with a structured and centralized tracker, allowing easy access to vital information when you need it most.

Download the "Ultimate Diving Tracker" Notion template now and dive deeper into the world of scuba diving like never before!


  1. A device of your choice, such as a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet, to access your Notion workspace.
  2. A Notion account, which you can sign up for free.


  1. Why Notion?

Notion lets you tailor your workspace to your specific needs. Customize layouts and use board, gallery, and table views. Plus, advanced filtering, sorting, and search capabilities allow you to efficiently organize and retrieve years of data without any fees.

  1. How to start using?

After purchase, duplicate the template in your Notion app using the provided link.

If you don't have a Notion account, sign up for one before you can duplicate the template.

  1. Do I need to pay for Notion?

No, a free Notion account is all you need to start using this product.

  1. I'm new to Notion. Will I have difficulty using it?

Not at all! You don't need to have any prior knowledge of Notion to use it. It's super easy! You'll also get a video tutorial on how to use it.

  1. Can I share this with anyone else?

No, this is a personal license for individual use only.

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Ultimate Diving Tracker

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