Sales Funnel for e-commerce

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Start creating unlimited sales funnels for your different products, analyze their effectiveness, and highlight the best strategies that drive results.

With this template, you can effortlessly create comprehensive sales funnels for any product, ensuring that you don't overlook any crucial elements.

Sales Funnel Blocks:

  1. Awareness Stage:
    1. Advertising
    2. Content Marketing
    3. SEO Optimization
  2. Interest Stage:
    1. Landing Page
    2. Email Marketing
    3. Remarketing
  3. Evaluation Stage: Social Proof
  4. Purchase Stage:
    1. Upselling
    2. Cross-selling
  5. Post-Purchase Stage:
    1. Order Confirmation
    2. Customer Support
    3. Loyalty Programs
    4. Request Reviews.


  • 3 Sales Funnel Examples
  • Website SEO Optimization Checklist
  • Universal Landing Page Checklist
  • Examples of Facebook Remarketing Ads and Instagram Story Remarketing Ads
  • Ad copy and email examples to combat abandoned carts
  • Email templates for Email Marketing, Requesting Reviews, Order Confirmation, and Remarketing
  • 3 Sales Funnel Examples Utilizing Email Marketing.


  • Time-Saving Efficiency: The template eliminates the need for extensive research and planning, providing you with a ready-to-use framework that saves you hours of time and effort.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Enjoy a seamless workflow as all the essential elements of a successful sales funnel are organized in one place. From advertising strategies to post-purchase activities, the template ensures a well-structured and cohesive approach, making it easy to navigate and manage.
  • Cost Efficiency: Save on expensive marketing consultations and agencies by utilizing our cost-effective template. With its comprehensive resources and proven strategies, you can confidently execute your e-commerce marketing campaigns and perform site customization in-house, ultimately reducing your overall marketing expenses.

By investing in the Notion Template - Sales Funnel for e-commerce, you gain access to a powerful tool that empowers you to optimize your marketing efforts, attract more customers, and achieve higher conversion rates. Experience the benefits firsthand today!


Why Notion? Notion lets you adapt your workspace to your specific needs. Customize layouts and use board, gallery, and table views. Plus, advanced filtering, sorting, and search capabilities allow you to efficiently organize and retrieve years of data without any fees.

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Sales Funnel for e-commerce

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